Akes 24 XR



 Overturning-proof stability, very low barycenter, stress-proof sturdiness (with 6 G loads and over), extraordinary seakeeping. This boat can be powered with (up to) 400 hp engines and therefore it can reach a speed of 60 knots and over. The hull of this boat has been planned as a "no compromise" one: it is deep V shaped at the stern and at the bow, with 23 and 60 angles and high L/B ratio. As for the deck, the layout is entirely customizable. The equipment includes a spacious bow sun deck enclosing a large locker, console fronted seat, T-top central console, 2 people help seat, 2 rows of stern benches. The plans are also available for self build boats.




 TECHNICAL SPECS            


Material: Aluminium 5083 - 6061 Alloy, 4/8 mm thickness

Lenght: 7.20 m

Beam: 2.54 m (trailerable)

Draft: 0.4 m

Dry weight: 950 kg

Displacement: 2050 kg with 2x200 hp

Power: from 1x150 hp to 2x200 hp 

Speed: 36 mph with 150 hp, 70 mph with max power

Fuel tank: 400 liters

Fresh water tank: 100 L

Ballast water tank (suitable also for live bait fish) 400 L

Self bailing deck                                                                        

Unsinkable double hull

Max stability angle,(w/o s.r. system)  133

7 peoples, cat. B







akes 24 xr





Stability: Simulations are performed in order to test the stability and the buoyancy with loads variations.  All parameters concerning stability, different floatation and longitudinal inclination are monitored in all inclined stability conditions. The simulation shows how the double-hull structured bulwark work as a collar in Rigid Inflatable Boats and assures the floatation also when the excessive transverse inclination would normally cause a downflooding. (when the transverse inclination is such, that the deck would be flooded). The maximum angle of stability, that is to say the angle, beyond which the boat tends to overturn while undergoing an inclining force, is 133 wide; thanks to the self righting kit, installed on the aft part of the t-top. If the boat is used for pleasure navigation, such circumstances do not occur, but thanks to these characteristics, safety is guaranteed in all conditions. Most of the boats powered with outboard engines undergo floodings when the inclination angle is wider than 40, and the maximum angle of stability of the unsinkable boats is up to 90 wide.











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