new all- around series

akes 205 airtop - akes 233 airtop - akes 288 walkaround



Akesdesign is proud to announce  a new series of boats,  with new shape launched with latest Akes 22 Walkaround.

This series has been thought in order to join the features of a safe and seaworthy boat with maximum comfort

and space inside.

Wide spaces, maximum attention for the space inside related to boat main dimensions, multipurpose, these boats can be

used for leisure, offshore cruising, in any kind of condition, for fishing , and charter.

The common features are mainly:

-strong hull, unsinkable, self bailing, with great performances;

-max beam and inside lenght compared to the outer dimensions;

-extended hull,reversed bow sheer, and with max waterline beam very close to max beam of the hull,

to increase the stability afloat, minimize the performance loss with heavy load, and to enhance sea

beahavior in rough seas;

-high inside gunwhale ,  low deck in plane with stern platforms;

-division in 4 main inside areas: bow sundress/ cabin, protected helm seat , stern deck / lunch area,

stern area with bigger platforms, entirely walkable.

-big fender, in order to do safe and easy mooring.

-no narrow spaces and passages

All these features combined in a ergonomic and modern cutting-edge design.


Akes 205 Airtop:


Akes 233 Airtop:


Akes 288 Walkaround: