Progettazione Gommoni - RIB design

Akesdesign has a great knowledge on design of Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBS).

As for Boat Designs, the RIB design is focused to join a comfortable deck layout with hull shapes that give comfortable and enjoyable ride in any condition. . The stability afloat is due to well dimensioned tubulars  that mantains stability transverse and longitudinal evan if the central rigid hull is flooded . The tubes are designed to touch the water with people inboard but slightly touch the water surface to avoid fouling.  Naturally, all these features depending on user's request.

The RIB design is optimized for operational requirements : at the same time can ben developed a rib suitable for charter, tender, classic leisure users , high-performance demanding users, prefessional users, with a deck as efficient and comfortable as possible and naturally with a nice shape, never common or coarse.

For the Rib design, the starting project is developed with cad 3D and improved by 3d CAD structure analysis (FEM) and stability and hydrostatic softwares , included hydrodinamic CFD.

There are a lot of chances for construction materials: polyester resins, vinylester, epoxy , sandwich, for hand layup or vacuum infusion, plywood - epoxy with glass reinforcements, aluminum alloy : the design is focused and improved for each material . The hull model and molds can be built by hand or cnc machines.

Here below our latest designs: all these achieved the requirements and had a great feedback from the users.

Vento 500 - 5 m rib, suitable for a beautiful day at the sea but number one of his category in rough and high sea state ; champion of fuel savings and mininum plane low speed. Design optimized by CFD, fibreglass built , for hand layoup and vacuum infusion; although has a low weight (250 kg) , it has the same hull thickness of common 7 m ribs . The boatyard VENTO-NAVIS is starting to build even a new 6 and 7 meter.


Falkor boats are designed to excite and appeal to all fans of RIBs, along with those who have yet to encounter the pleasure of this type of vessel. By using the experience of the past and the technology of the future, the Falkor is a fusion of attractive design with economical fuel consumption and the ability to navigate rough seas.


CAB Silverado 13.7: built by the shipyard Nautica Cab with the aid of the most advanced technologies like the five axis CNC milling machine for the hull and the deck and the infusion.The project of this RIB is characterised by the combination of a hull perfectly fitted for the sea with an elegant and refined deck absolutely comfortable and luxurious.


ZL RIBS: 5 (tender), 7m, 8.5 m, 14 m, based on the innovative HFD hull and the design has been carefully studied, in order to improve all the aspects concerning dryness, trim, performances, comfort during navigation and, last but not least, aerodynamic resistance, which is always neglected in the inflatable boats category. The structure has been analyzed by means of FEM simulation softwares, in order to guarantee a remarkably lightweight and at the same time considerably sturdy construction.