Hellfire 24.7s

New Hellfire range has been created as synthesis of the Akes’ experience in the design of aluminum high-performance boats, with a hull capable to handle high seas in the maximum safety , and high speeds thanks to the particular and optimized double stepped hull, all that combined with a deck layout engineered in the details for the required purpose:in this case, the design has been focused on a open deck version with large spaces , for daily cruising and fishing.

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Hellfire 24.7s


Some photos of the external and interior layout

Features of Hellfire 24.7s

Design: High bow sheer, modern and mighty look, air-top

Seakeeping: large deadrise, averagely greater than 30°, twin step, sharper bow sections: the hull offers a very good stability afloat, quick plane, low trim angle, high speed through the waves with smooth impacts.

Performances: Hellfire 24.7s can be equipped with a pair of 200 hp, to reach speed in excess of 50 knots. This sportboat can be anyway powered even with a pair of “small” 115 cv to have good performances.

Structure: the thick aluminum alloy – 6 mm – with massive stiffening system ensure high safety but at the same time keeps the weight low.

Stability and safety: the low center of gravity and the chine width keep low the roll, and in addiction the floating material inside the hull makes the boat unsinkable. The righting angle is greater than 90°.

Deck layout:all that you can need for daily cruising. The design provides a large platform at the stern, two side passages for the access in the bow area without obstacles; two wide seats for 6 persons offer a great lunch area; kitchen, sink and fridge take place in the helm seat. The helm position is wide enough for a double bench with bolster that can be optionally replaced with 2 shock mitigating seats; at the bow, a small deck to provide seating area.

Akes Hellfire series can be designed and customized on demand.

Technical specs:

  • Lenght overall cm 745
  • Width (cm) 254
  • Hull: twin step, average deadrise30°
  • Max persons 8
  • Dry weight kg 1200
  • Recommended power: 2x140 hp
  • Shaft lenght : twin L
  • Gasoline tank: 270 L
  • Freshwater tank: 100 L
  • Design Category B/ C

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