Akes S 24

New Akes S24 aluminum sport boat, born thanks to the cooperation with Mondino Saldature, shows the state of the art in naval architecture and boat design applied to the construction of a boat that combines military strenght, total unsinkability, impermeability, extreme seakeeping, stability, performances, comfort , look, all concentrated in 24 feet and with a trailerable width. Seaworthiness is the top requirement but it is combined perfectly with deck layout, that allows to use the boat as day-cruiser, for mid-range excursions, and even long range cruising. The best, is in all features.

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Akes S 24


Some photos of the external and interior layout

The material: Aluminum

Ecological, recyclable,light, top-resilient, rust , osmosis and corrosion proof, technological, this material is increasingly used not only for ships, patrol vessels, military boats, or high-end cars, but also for leisure boats when high quality, durability, and high performances are required. Akesdesign Boat Design Studio's chief designer, Alessandro Chessa, is one of the first designers that started to use cad -cam design applied to the construction of advanced aluminum boat, with over 10 years of experience.


Until a few years ago (and often today), aluminum boats were simply recognizabile by a simply and poor design, aimed only to be easy to build , using as possibile straight parts, due to lack of technology and know how: absolutely poor compared with fiberglass boats. Today, thanks to the cad-cam systems, and mostly to the design experience, it is possibile to design boats and build them with complex shapes without constrains and added costs. Akes S 24 is the latest example of this boat design: faceted surfaces, built-in notches with air intakes and protected windows, without dangerous edges . All these features are combined in awesome proportions.

The hull

The aluminum hull is single-stepped, used successfully in other Akesdesign creations, deep-V, with variable geometry strikes, variable chine, high sheer , wave piercing stempost, sharp angles at entry, wider sections at the stern in order to enhance afloat stability and low planing speed . Aluminum is used with variable thicknesses, from the bottom to the top: the goal is to have the lowest center of gravity (VCG), that is lower than it could be found in common rigid inflatable boats (!), and allows to achieve an outstanding 100° transverse vanishing stability angle. The unsinkability is guaranteed by foam filled compartments.


The hull structure is entirely welded, with no weak points. All is one-piece object, from the interlocking structure of the frames, to the hull surface, deck and also inner furnitures. You will never have creaking cabinets after some rough waves, no hull-deck riveted joints that parts, no discontinuities. The ring-framed hull section guarantess maximum torsional strenght, and the 4 big girders plus the center rail girder are the top when longitudinal hogging and sagging moment is demanded: the strenght is way higher than the standard.


Akes S 24 combines comfortable wide open space, like open boats and walkarounds, with a cozy inside room. At the stern, there is a big platform with built-in ladder, the extends the total lenght up to 8 meters; there are 2 sundress ares, one at the stern and one at the bow, both well sized and for 3 persons; the cockpit is quite low and then not sensible to roll, it has 2 wide seats, the stern seat is 1.90 wide, and the bolster seat includes cooks, sink and fridge; all is protected under the airtop. There are two wide aisles for the passage towards the bow; The bow sundress can be also used as chaise-longue. There are no obstacles to climb, and there are handles where needed. Opening the cabin access door, that can be kept opened always without hinder, there is a wide toilet room with sink and wc, and the main bed with lockersbig enough for up to 3 persons. 4 windows, which 2 can be opened, and 1 manhole, ensure the correct bright and ventilation.


The engine is outboard, inboard, sterndrive, single (two as optional), gasoline or diesel. Inboard option allows to place a big sundress area, a big stern platform , it is possible to apply big power without use 2 engines (that reduce costs), and so it is easy to achieve great performances; last but not least, the inboard engine keeps low the VCG, with great advantages in stability and seakeeping. Outboard engines instead are a must for reliability and performances. In that case the deck option provides a stern additional seat. Suggested power starts from 1x190 hp, up to 430 hp maximum , or 320 hp diesel. Fuel tank is plastic 260 L (optional 300+), and allows to cruise for over 200 miles, at cruising speed. The design project of the boat has been done with CAD 3d software, checked also with RhinoHYD advanced software for stability and hydrostatic calculations; the hull is built with MIG weldings that complies ISO requirements , starting from plate nesting and cnc-laser cutting.

Builder website: www.mondinosaldature.it

Technical specs:

  • Lenght LOA 7.99 m
  • Lenght LH 7.49 m
  • Beam 2.50 m
  • Material Alloy 5083
  • Hull weight: 1200 kg
  • Dry weight incl. equipment 2050 kg
  • Power Sterndrive from 190 to 430 cv
  • Outboards from 200 to 400 hp
  • Recommended power 250/260 cv
  • Fuel tank 260 L
  • Freshwater tank 70 l
  • Persons max 8
  • Hull Single Step
  • Deadrise medium 31°
  • CE category B/C

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