AQA 27 Cabin Rib

Designing a 8 m RIB that can be trailered, has a wide cabin for a cruise, good performances with single outboard engine, outruns the competitors in rough seas and offers great comfort inside and outside , at a reasonable price, isn’t easy. Thanks to the possibilities of customization offered by marine aluminum alloy , to the lightness and strength of this material, the experience of Akesdesign in the design of aluminum boats and ribs, and also the cooperation of users with long experience in long range rib cruising and nauticamping , it has been possible to design a cabin rib with slender and beautiful look, taking the best features of cabin ribs and joining them in a smart boat .

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AQA 27 Rib



As first, the hull: Deep V with massive bow entry , medium deadrise greater than 30°, stern with good lift and a smart reverse chine that gives grip in tight turns and keeps the spray low, correct length/beam ratio , are features that put AQA 27 Rib in the category “seaworthy” . The tubes touch the water aft, for great stability afloat. This hull behaves in the sea like a pure rib, not a boat with “sky-collar” Second key, the space: the tubes change section forward, increasing a lot the space inboard: a “D” shape takes place of classic round shape in the helm area: bigger width for the deck, but also more space and volume inside the cabin. Tubes can be deflated to stay in 2.54 m for trailer. Structure: the aluminum chassis is designed using 6 mm hull and frames and 4 mm deck, giving great structural strength but keeping the boat weight below 1200 kg! Layout: nothing is missing . Two big stern platforms aft, full ”U” dinette at the stern deck with lockers, seats, table, big size helm bolster (1.10 m width!) with kitchen, fridge and drawers; air-top rigid cover, cabin with 1.90 m long bed, separated toilet, and of course a big sundeck at the bow. Last but not least, the rigid bow hides the anchor windlass. Safety: AQA 27 ribs is filled with buoyancy material, apart the tubes. Unsinkable. 350 L gasoline tank and 100 L freshwater tank complete the rig and allow great cruising holidays. AQA 27 cabin is built by AQA aluminium boats –

Technical specs:

  • Lenght hull Lh 7.95 m
  • Beam 3.2 m
  • Deflated width 2.54 m
  • Tubulars hypalon neoprene
  • Compartments 6
  • Tube diameter 0.6 m
  • Hull weight 1150 kg
  • Engines from 225 to 400 hp
  • Suggested power 300 hp
  • Gasoline tank 350 l
  • Freshwater tank 100 l
  • Persons max load 10
  • Hull type deep V
  • Deadrise average >30°
  • Design category CE B/C

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